We understand you crave the transitional kitchen layout your neighbor set up at her place but that doesn’t mean it will work for you the same. This is the most important thing one should keep in mind before giving a makeover to their kitchen is that functionality comes first. The aesthetics, lighting, or added greenery won’t work if your kitchen is not designed to perform its function adequately. Kitchen remodeling has many pitfalls and before you fall into one wasting much of your time and money, here is a tip. Don’t fall into one while we share with you the 3 major parts of kitchen remodeling that you should be extra careful about.

Conform With The Kitchen Triangle

The kitchen work triangle has consisted of the cooktop, the washing area/sink, and the refrigerator and it must be planned as per your convenience. As these are the three busiest points in the kitchen, they must be aligned triangularly so that their access is easy while cooking. Make sure that your renovation plan relies on it. In other cases, it would be difficult for even one person to move around the kitchen and work effectively.

Avoid The Expensive Renovation Parts

The kitchen cabinets Perth installation, upgraded appliances, and fancy countertops make for expensive remodeling. Getting a new cabinetry system in your kitchen can cost you around $15,000. Being the most foundational and functional space of your kitchen, its material, paint, and labor, everything adds extensively to your budget and sometimes even half of it. The enthusiasts also look for expensive recess, lightening, and pendant lighting in the cabinets. Unless your storage space is broken or highly dysfunctional, don’t think of replacing it with a new one. Rather enhance their service years by polishing or refurbishing them rather than taking a toll on your pocket.

Do Not DIY

Even if you have everything planned out, your cooking frequency, the number of appliances you want in the remodel, the exact size of storage, the space for the dining table, the seating choices, the counter table design, and most importantly the time and budget, the renovation requires. Always consult the experts before starting the venture. It will help you set experienced and realistic goals and help polish your accomplished renovation plan. Doing it yourself could be a big mistake. Especially the in-depth remodeling as moving walls and removing existing cabinetry, installing new electrical wiring or water pipes. It’s better to leave the work on experts and you just there to see your planning being materialized.

Kitchen renovations are an expensive undertaking. And every penny you invest into it must work as a long-term investment. It makes for high resale value if you consider to sale it. But make sure that with minimum changes and renovations and without messing with the footprints,  you get your ideal kitchen.